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        最新股票开户类型选什么线路 主题股票开户类型选什么线路


        西安新旅国际旅行社有限责任公司 简介







            我社竭诚为您提供以下服务: 提供陕西省内股票开户类型选什么、国内股票开户类型选什么以及国际接待股票开户类型选什么产品 为您提供自助股票开户类型选什么、团队股票开户类型选什么线路策划设定 为您提供酒店预订、股票开户类型选什么包车、导游委派等 为您待定机票、火车票、大巴、轮船等各种交通票务 承办各种会议、展览、专业团体考察、学术交流、商务活动等 我们将随时欢迎您光临咨询、指导!



        股票开户类型选什么咨询029-8669 0158    029-8669 9768    029-8669 0914

                 029-8669 9469     029-8669 3485    029-8669 7071

                 029-8669 4416     029-8669 8864

        商机热线:029-8720 0345     029-8720 0337    029-8720 9016  

        人事招聘:029-8720 9549     029-8669 3485

        企业传真029 87209016   QQ邮箱:949455235@qq.com

        为旅行创造精彩    让游客感动生活        选择新旅    风景醉美 


        Company Profile


        Xi'anNew Travel International Service co., LTD. (unified social credit code: 91610104MA6TXF953Q) is located in the 7th floor of Hongfu Building, 118#, north street, Xian, it is a comprehensive tourism enterprise which is approved by industrial and commercial bureau.


        The company registered capital of 5 million yuan, and according to the provisions of the state, the company pays tourism quality margin of 2 million yuan on time and in full. Legal representative has solid theory foundation, and has more than ten years of experience in modern travel agency management.


        Company is mainly engaged in international tourism, inbound tourism business, domestic tourism business, service for the conference and exhibition, organization and planning of etiquette celebrations. It is a large-scale foreign-related tourism enterprise!



        After its establishment, the company relies on abundant information resources which helped it rapidly established long-term cooperation relations with more than 100 travel agencies in Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries and regions. Company organized and received international and national large tourism exchange team, won the praise of both domestic and foreign tourists, and also established a good reputation in the world!



        Along with the rise and development of tourism industry, relying on the advantage of tourism information resources, company has grown up gradually in the fierce competition of tourism market and formed its own management characteristics with excellent reputation, image, solid work style and flexible mode of operation.



        "Sincere cooperation, reputation first" is our business motto, focus on quality, reasonable price, and service innovation is our basic requirement. Compare quality when the price is same, compare price when the quality is same. Our aim is to be a most comprehensive tourism distributor and one-stop shopping for visitors.



        Company follows operation philosophy: strives for the survival by good quality, seeks development by innovation, market-oriented, and service for the purpose. It is willing to provide visitors with all-round, diversified, high-level services. Meanwhile, it is willing to cooperate with friends from all circles to create for a better future!



        We sincerely provide you with the following services:


        lTravel in Shaanxi province, domestic travel and international tourism reception;


        lTo provide you with self-help tourism, team travel planning;


        lTo provide you with hotel reservation, tourism chartered, guiding delegate, etc


        lTo help you book air tickets, train tickets, bus, ship and other traffic ticket;


        lTo undertake all kinds of conferences, exhibitions, professional group investigation, academic exchanges, business activities, etc



        We welcome you to visit our company anytime.